Aug 31, 2014

Most Maligned Fans

The return of Monty Scott for the most maligned fans episode!


Aug 24, 2014

Awkwardly Tall Athletes

Danny Polishchuk joins us in studio apartment to discuss the most gangly uncoordinated tall guys in sports history!


Aug 17, 2014

Best Short Athlete

This week we have Rob Pue to talk about the best short athlete!


Aug 4, 2014

Late Bloomers Episode

Kyle Hickey joins us to talk the best athletes who got good later on in their career!


Jul 31, 2014

Charles Barkley vs Damon Jones

Here's the video most mentioned on the show; Charles Barkley making fun of Damon Jones. New episode up Sunday with Kyle Hickey talking about the best late bloomers in sports history!


Jul 27, 2014

Brian Scalabrine Highlight Audio

No show this week but as promised on the best 12th man episode, here's the audio of Brian Salabrine's highlight reel. I'll be posting the often mentioned Charles Barkley Damon Jones audio later in the week, back next week with some episode about something!


Jul 20, 2014

Best 12th Man (Human Victory Cigar)

Who's the best worst basketball player of all time? The guy who comes in at the end of the game because the team is either up or down by 20? Don't know what we mean because I'm not a very good writer? Just listen! We're joined by Miguel Rivas of Tony Ho for one of our most fun episodes ever


Jul 13, 2014

Most Racist People in Sports!

DJ Demers joins us to finally do away with racism by mocking the most racist people ever in sports! Horray!


Jul 9, 2014

Toughest Athletes Ever!

We're back from hiatus with Matt O'Brien to talk the toughest athletes of all time!


May 31, 2014

The Best Liars

Mark Little joins us this week to talk about the top/best/something liars in sports history!


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