Feb 1, 2015

Top Gay Athletes Of All Time

The final episode of The Sport Brahs ever, and if there has been anything that defines us it would be damaging hearsay and conjecture. So in that vein Monty Scott joins us for the best gay athletes of all time, which to one guest amounts to just guessing who's gay. 

All of our guests, the great bar Tallboys (838 Bloor St. W in Toronto) and lastly to our listeners you guys are the best.

Jan 30, 2015

Top 3 Goodbyes Ever

2nd last episode with Alex Wood joining us for the top 3 goodbyes in sports history, please enjoy this please!


Jan 11, 2015

Best Sport Families

Graham Kay is leaving for LA and Dylan Gott is moving to London, England. We regret to announce that this will be the first of our last 3 episodes and thank all of you who listened over these past 3 (maybe?) years. This episode Archi Zuber joins us for the best families in sports history, which dad pushed his kids the hardest at the risk of being so terrible? Listen and find out!


Oct 27, 2014

Top Athlete Pro Wrestlers Ever

Alex Wood joins us to pretty much just annoy Graham by talking about pro wrestling for forty five minutes. Listen closely and you can hear him contemplate suicide!


Oct 19, 2014

BestéMost Defensive Players of All Time

The rudeboy himself Hunter Collins joins us to decide once and for all who the best or most or whatever defensive player of all time is


Oct 13, 2014

Best Athletes With Glasses

It's finally here, this is the best athletes to play wearing glasses ever! To help us decide who is the most athletic nerd ever is will be Alex Wood! 


Sep 29, 2014

Craziest Fan Incidents

It's the wackiest zaniest fan incidents episode! We have Archi Zuber on to help us remember things! Enjoy and share if you like!


Sep 20, 2014

Worst Athlete Performances

Early release this week but we're back with Rob Mailloux talking the worst athlete in game performances in history! Enjoy!


Sep 14, 2014

Bad Ass Athletes

We drag Mark Debonis onto the show to discuss the most Bad Ass Athletes of all time


Sep 7, 2014

Most Injured Athletes

Eddie Della Sieppe returns to talk the most injured athletes of all time!


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